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Father Mike has battled demons, assassins, serial killers and powerful elementals, all sent by the infamous and evil Deschamps family. Rich and powerful beyond belief, they are the heirs to the legendary Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Christ , and have vowed to destroy Father Mike at all costs.

Led by Burke Deschamps, a man back from the dead, the forces of evil are beginning the last phase of a centuries long plan to bring Lucifer to this world, If they succeed, humanity as we know it won't stand a chance in Hell.

Mike leads a resistance force of true believers to fight against Satan's minions on earth. His allies: Cain, the First Murderer, The Pope, an ax-wielding Valkyrie and the Knights Templar. Pray that they are enough.

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And from The Files of The BSI



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And my first self-published novel. A little brash and a lot strange...




A BSI Short Story


A BSI Novella

Possibly my oddest book yet

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