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This is the book that started it all, the 1st in the BSI series, available on audio format from Books In Motion

Number V

Number IV

A BSI Novella

It is also interesting how the author deals with famous people in history, slightly like Men In Black but set in a magical world, rather than one dealing with and making Aliens fit in with our world. The story could just be one of guns, blood and guts and magic, but it is also for the fact that Mark Everett Stone has made these characters seem real which makes the book have an emotional core which makes the book better than it would be if this was not there.

--Michelle Herbert, Fantasy Book

Stone (Things to Do in Denver When You're Un-dead) writes in a brisk, conversational style... The setting fuses magic and technology in appealing ways that will hopefully be developed in future installments. 

-Publisher's Weekley

"Chicago, The Windigo City is jam packed with action but the heart of the story is Kal's love and concern for his girlfriend and his best friend . An original and refreshing tale that leaves me wanting to know more about Kal, Jeanie, BB, and Canton. I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

--Debbie Wiley, Fresh Fiction"

Number VI

Book 6 in the "From the Files of the BSI" paranormal series, The Spirit in St. Louis is a suspenseful dark fantasy saga. A balance between psychologicial intrigue, menacing chills and fierce resistance, The Spirit in St. Louis is a page-turner from cover to cover. Highly recommended!--Midwest Book Review

Wish I'd noticed where I was in the book when I hit myself upside the head with a heartfelt 'Der!' of realization. (I wonder if you have to be of an, er, certain age or a history buff to get it.) But beyond my 'der' moment, heck of a good story! Action nearly every blessed page, great pacing. The descriptions layered on top of one another for the just right amount of creepiness.
Well played, sir.

And the critically acclaimed novel soon to be a trilogy available from Camel Press

Number II

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"The reading experience was an entertaining, roller-coaster-like ride. One of the chief strengths of the book is the quirky, dark humor throughout--the dialogue is sharp and the comic timing is excellent."

-Michael Potts,

Number III

"Another high impact, fast moving story from Mark Everett Stone. I am really enjoying seeing his growth as a writer reflected in the strength of his characters and am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Kal." 

--Michelle Herbert, Fantasy Book Review

And from WorldCastle Publishing

"Evil does not die so easily. The Judas Line is a novel following Jude Oliver and the long family line that lies behind him, specializing in assassination, using the artifact known as the silver. Jude Oliver must find the origins and stories of his family to be able to end the Silver's legacy for good, with only a single Catholic priest by his side. Blending paranormal and biblical ideas, The Judas Line is a riveting thriller that should prove hard to put down."

--Midwest Book Review


"A fast-paced book which does not lack for history or adventure. The inclusion of death and destruction are a given and it is good that there is a lot of humour instilled throughout. I would say that if you're a fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, you will enjoy Mark Everett Stone's work. Recommended."

--Michelle Herbert, Fantasy Book Review

Starred Review: "This delightful Catholicism-infused quest fantasy stars a likable and original duo. Fr. Michael Engle, a pragmatic Catholic priest, and Jude, who has a considerably more uncertain relationship with God, are unlikely friends, but when a blood-covered Jude runs into Mike's church asking for help, Mike listens to him, believes him, and joins him on a quest to find the Holy Grail, which Jude hopes will help him destroy a legendary and dangerous family heirloom. Along the way they encounter Cain, the Norse gods (drinking and watching Bridge over the River Kwai), and a Valkyrie with the requisite 'chainmail-covered pillowy breasts.' When Mephistopheles shows up, Jude manages to label him an Arch-Fiend of Hell without irony and without irritating the reader. Stone's depiction of magic is realistic and intelligent and his treatment of Catholicism refreshingly informed and three-dimensional. Even the obligatory near-apocalyptic ending is coherent, surprising, and exciting."

--Publishers Weekly


Blaine Deschamps has succeeded Julian as head of the all-powerful family known as the Sicarii, the fearsome descendants of Judas, the apostle who betrayed Christ for thirty pieces of silver. These silver coins became a powerful artifact known as The Silver, giving the Sicarii an edge in the battle against the forces of Good. Jude Oliver, born Olivier Deschamps, renounced his family and stole the Silver. In an epic battle, he killed his father, Julian, putting a major crimp in the Sicarii’s plans.
Although Jude gave his life to protect mankind, his friend, the Catholic priest Father Mike Engle, survived, and is now in possession of the Codex Infernales, the Deschamps’ unholy book. The Sicarii will go to any lengths to kill Father Engle and retrieve the Codex, but the task proves far more difficult than they imagined. Mike is watched over by another arch-enemy of the Sicarii who has eluded their assassins for millennia: Cain, son of Adam, doomed to wander the Earth until he is killed, or the end of time, whatever comes first. Now Cain and Mike must fight the Sicarii, find a mysterious oracle, avoid ambushes, and ally with an old enemy of the Sicarii who has been fightin
g them for centuries. What could go wrong?

And my first self-published novel. A little brash and a lot strange...

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