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The whole world now knows of the existence of the World Under, thanks to fallout from the terrible events in Omaha a year back. As the World Under’s most effective foe, Kal Hakala performed actions that were both heroic and horrific. Now, sidelined as an Agent, he serves the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation as its public face, charming talk show hosts and training new recruits known as “Green Peas.” However, the World Under never rests, and events force Kal back into action. A malevolent spirit occupies St. Louis’s Quint Building, and the team sent in to combat it disappears after their leader is driven to suicide. The BSI has no choice but to send in Kalevi Hakala and his team to solve the problem. As each of the individual members of Kal’s team is isolated and dumped into his or her private hell, Kal begins to wonder if he hasn’t finally met his match: the most powerful force the World Under has to offer. Book 6 in the From the Files of the BSI series.

For fifteen years Beck Corderoy has lived a quiet life in remote Silverville, Colorado, content to keep her head down and gun drawn as the town’s sheriff. 

Then came FBI agent Shelman who involves her in a case regarding the inexplicable, magical deaths of Denver’s elite youth. It’s either that or be exposed as an unregistered wizard, a crime with penalties she’s been avoiding most of her life. 

In Denver she faces murderous bikers, a sinister plot, a new designer drug flooding the streets and a dubious ally in the form of an underground mover and shaker, the Misfit Man. But what really throws her for a loop is Detective Mitch Lafferty, a handsome widower whose razor sharp mind could easily cut through the cocoon of lies in which she’s covered herself. Can she keep her eye on the ball and solve a series of deaths before it’s too late? 


Okay, I don't blog much. Hardly ever, in fact. If you took all my blogs, you might have the beginnings of an inane short story, so I am fixing to change that.

Not to toot my own horn, but I can write some...obviously not that well or I'd have a nice contract with one of the "Big Six", but well enough that people buy my books (or one incredibly wealthy person with OCD) and I receive pretty good reviews. So...why haven't I made it? 

To put it in lovely words of my SO, I'm a marketing idiot. This is quite differen...

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The first in the series, see the rest on The Books p;age.

Mark Everett Stone's first novel, Things to do in Denver when you're Un-dead

This book garnered me the best reviews of my career! Check it out on the My Books page and look out for the sequels coming soon.

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